Ramblings about cultural appropriation

The US has had the nickname  The Melting Pot for a reason. I am white. I came from a very low income family and grew up in section 8 housing at the beginning of my life. I grew up around Latino, Black, and a Japanese family living close to me. My younger brothers father is Cuban. We shared music, games, and clothes. I feel my culture is theirs and theirs is mine.

I live in a rural setting now but those roots with all those different cultures colliding and merging is my culture.

However, I do agree that using headdresses and dressing up as Indians is offensive considering what was done to Native Americans and continues to happen in some ways. I didn’t grow up with Native Americans so I don’t know their culture and they have been so oppressed in the US for so long I don’t think many of us in the US really truly understand and can appreciate their culture unless you know them personally. I guess it’s the same with all cultures.

So I guess how I feel is if you have lived surrounded by certain cultures those cultures are part of you but if you don’t know and truly understand and live immersed in a culture don’t hi-jack their shit.

Obviously black-face is fucking wrong and offensive. Dressing up and making fun of and mocking a group of people is racist. I don’t consider that cultural appropriation or anything but racist.

But I listen to rap music, blues, appreciate bonsai, and eat Latin cuisine a million different ways. The way I dress borrows from the cultures I was exposed to and immersed in growing up. If someone has a problem with this just because my skin is white they can fuck the fuck off. They don’t know me.

I feel like people should just go with their gut and be respectful, or don’t cause it’s just clothes and you aren’t killing anyone.

If people give you shit and you feel confident in your authenticity, they can fuck off. The US doesn’t support segregation and that’s what it feels like some people shouting cultural appropriation are wanting. They don’t want people to be able to do or wear certain things based on their skin tone. I’m pretty sure that is close to the definition of racism.

I have experienced people telling me I should be a certain way because I am white and that shit is racist. Its accepted in our society to spit on white people because of what some evil white people did in the past but that shit ain’t me. I have never owned a slave. I never killed an Indian or took their land. I didn’t do that shit and it isn’t my fault it happened. It was a terrible tragedy and if I was alive then I know I would have fought against it like many of our ancestors who were alive did to try and help black people or Indians while risking their lives. Like today I don’t support wars that bomb countries that the US was never attacked by. I vote and speak out against unnecessary wars every chance I get and I vote for equality among the races and sexes because I believe all people should be equal.

If people say I have this view because of my white privilege they can fuck off. I am dirt poor, both parents dead, no family around cause I’m a faggot and they don’t believe I should be allowed to be a lesbian. I can’t afford college. I live in a rundown attic room in the middle of a dead end town. I am one bad life event away from homelessness. Oh, and I’m ugly so many people disregard me as soon as they lay eyes on me.

I’m just tryin to get through each day like many other people in the US today. Heh, I just love when college kids living on mommy and daddy’s dime tell me I’m privileged. They are the one who is fucking privileged. Black White Asian or whatever if you come from a family that has money? That is the real fucking privilege.

Keep doing you. Nothing else anyone thinks really matters in the end.

TL;DR The US is a melting pot. You are free to do whatever the fuck you want. (as long as it doesn’t literally hurt anyone else and violate their rights and you aren’t breaking any laws)


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