Some friends of the animal variety.

I live on a couple acres on the outskirts of a small town. I don’t visit with friends very much but I have some four legged friends to keep me company. They aren’t mine but I help care for them when my housemate goes on long trips. They are great listeners.

Jobe hanging out in the back pasture.

Jobe hanging out in the back pasture.


The pics above are of my housemates nieces old dressage horse. He used to get worked regularly and taken to competitions and fairs but she grew up and went to college so he gets to roam the back fields. I know he looks pretty rough and could use a good brushing but he is happy as a clam to be living the retired life.

1014208_634564990002257_3636667212293710034_n  535891_751630224962399_4793095962463840690_n

The pups above are great danes Tanzi on the left and Tywin on the right. They are truly gentle giants. They are fairly young here but the male on the right will probably get up to around 170 lbs and the female on the left we estimate will probably get to about 150. She really shouldn’t be in that recliner but she sneaks into it every chance she gets. They are such large dogs but they are very quiet, almost like they had secret ninja training before they were adopted. You can have a sandwich in front of you and blink then poof it’s gone. It doesn’t help that they are about eye level with the kitchen counter.

I really love the guy on the right. That dog gets me and I get him. He looks so big and strong on the outside but he gets scared and likes to have a person to lean on when storms hit or when he has to get a vet checkup. He is there for me too. I think he knows when I’m down and makes sure to come up to my room to give me some hugs and look at me with an expression that says  “It’s okay human. This bad stuff will pass” When I do move out I will miss him the most.


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